Purchase issue!

I have a problem with every purchases:The loading before getting my password is infinite and never load.
The problem had started 4 days ago,i have restart my device several time and my Wifi aswell.

Can the support answer me??

I have the same issue. :frowning:

Since how long did it happened to you??
I notice tihs bug 4 days ago and i thought,maybe it is just a bug which is gonna stop in a few moment.
And it seem no one have a clue currently:

It’s been happening for a few weeks. Support didn’t help. They just told me it was on my end and to try restarting everything. I have an iPhone 11 and use guest account. I can buy from the store using app money but not real money. :frowning:

I have exactly the same problem.
I am on android with a xiami
I hope the support will help us

Anyone here??

Still no answer??

Support don’t work the weekends… best your gonna get is a message on Monday to email them and then wait additional day for an answer.

Not even the amber club peeps get support on weekends.

Thank you

So,i up the topic since its monday.
Can you help me @ned?

Hey shining, I’m sorry that you’re having trouble making in-game purchases. :sweat:

If you had already contacted our support team, one of our team members will try and get back to you ASAP once they get the chance to review your ticket.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your message before our team replies, as that could cause further delays.

ok,thank you @ned !

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I am having the same issue and the support team has done nothing to help me for two months. I have the emails showing the lack of help and refusal to fix my game or offer compensation for missed coin/cash deals. @Ned

It is definitely not on your end. Come to find out many people are having this issue. I’ve been going back and forth with support for two months about it. Smdh.

@Ludia_Developers please review this thread as well. Multiple accounts are having this issue when trying to make monetary purchases. The support team is not equipped to handle this problem. @Ned @Ronald @J.C

I just tried to purchase and have the exact same thing. Also iPhone 11.

This entire situation makes no sense to me. I have explained to support time and time again that the company is losing money because of this glitch. It should be handled with the upmost of importance… you would assume it would at least.

Hey there, Dilo. I’m very sorry to hear that our team was not able to help you resolve your purchase issue. Please rest assured that this issue had been brought to our team’s attention.

Sadly, the best advice I could give at the moment for players experiencing this, would be to reach out to our support team if they haven’t already, as our team continues with their investigation. :sweat:

Maybe we all have a common point which have started with this glitch…
Personnaly,it happen after a purchase at home,I used my Wifi connection because i have no network.
I usually have bugs with my wifi.like popus [Alreadyinprogress] when i try to join a raid or infinite loading time for matchmaking,making me reset the game.