Purchase issue!

I appreciate that @Ned but my biggest concern is the lack of customer service I have been given by the support team. I have missed out on two months worth of cash/coin deals due to this issue and when I inquire about compensation it is coldly refused. @Ludia_Developers compensation for the players that are dealing with this would be appreciated.
The last response I got from support was a reiteration that it is supposed to be fixed in the update. This has been said to me twice now in regards to the last two updates. As of today there has been no fix.
I’ve been a loyal paying customer since launch of this game and am very disappointed in the lack of customer service.

@Dilo It is interesting that you were told it was supposed to be fixed in this update as it has only started for me since the update.

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Actually I was told last update AND this update by the support team that there was supposed to be a fix. So for two updates I’ve been told the same thing with no outcome. But yes, it’s strange that people are having this be a new issue when it was supposed to be being “fixed.” @Ludia_Developers

@Ned do you know if the developers read the comments they are tagged in? They really should know about these glitches. Do they sometimes respond? @Ludia_Developers there are accounts that can not purchase in game items. I would love to be able to purchase coin so I can level up my dinosaurs that take 200k coin to level.

Lol, take my advice and don’t do it. Probably a sign telling you not to spend money on this game. Support never answers you, and even if they do after 3-4 weeks when everything is passed, they send you a prewritten note. If you say you’re not satisfied, they paraphrase it and send it to you again. Good luck anyway, enjoy the game and cheers

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Oh I don’t plan on spending money on the game going forward after all of this. I’ve already cancelled my vip. It’s a wrap for me. :+1:t3: It would be nice to have the issue fixed tho and get some coins that I’ve been trying to get for two months now.

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After 6 weeks of back and forth emails with support, and having to tell them three times with no response that for the second time the update didn’t it fix the problem…ludia support has offered me a rare incubator as compensation :joy::joy::joy: that is the worst way to treat your customers that have been loyal to you for two years. No more spending money On this game. @Ludia_Developers

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I haven’t spent a single coin on purchases since the 1st day I downloaded the game

I’ve always known Ludia was untrustworthy

You’re a smart person

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Hello, trying to make a purchase and keep getting stuck with an infinite loading screen (blue circle). Tried restarting the app and logging in and out without success

That’s what we call #Ludia style

I have found a clue about this issue last month,just uninstall and reinstall the game,then it will work