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Purchase issue


I need to contact Ludia via email or a way that’s private. Not on blast on forums. Could I be sent a email please I went to make my purchase with a prepaid visa and you took money off it for something else and not the 69.99 CAD incubator for this event . Now I’ve missed out on it cause my pre paid visa had other money taken Off it.

Very upset as I had planned to purchase this incubator this morning before class walked and bought the visa and now I’m …well you know the word… would be nice to receive insight to this and perhaps something else…



@Ned should help come take care of it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks :pray: 101010

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Hey there, dinolord, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened to your purchase!

You can always reach out to our support team at so that they can take a closer look at your account and assist you. Thanks!

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Thanks ! I just emailed support . @Ren


Messaged via email still no reply ! Is there a reason for this? @
Nevermind they replied just now