Purchase issues and problem

I had bought Premium Pass but I couls not receive it. Also, I buy it once but it cost me twice

Hi there lamkangwen. Can you please email our team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and/or the purchase receipt included? They’ll be able to assist you directly.

Thank you!

I got the free trial offer for the VIP subscription, and accepted because I wanted to check it out. I have two emails, and only one of them has a payment method attached. The game is connected to the one without a method of payment. Now, when I go into the Play store, I can’t find the trial on the subscriptions tab on either account. I fear this will results in me not being able to cancel the subscription

Hey @Th3_Broken_Rhythm, You should be able to cancel any subscription in the “payments and subscriptions” tab in google play or apple account settings.

If you need further assistance please write to support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and we will do our best to help you out.

Thank you!