Purchase Problem reported, Ludia not responding?

I purchased some bundles the game froze twice during the purchase process. So I tried again. I ended up being billed for 2 bundles I never received. I contacted Ludia over a week ago,… they ask for my transaction history from Apple, which I provided showing that I was in fact billed. In the past Ludia has been great to deal with. Not the first time this has happened. But they have always fixed the problem quickly sending me the missing content. Up until now Ludia has had great customer service. But now it’s been a full week and I’m still waiting. What’s going on?

Hey @Robert_Hughes, We currently have a wait time of 5+ business days. Rest assured you will be assisted with your purchases! In the meantime we greatly appreciate your patience.

Thank you!

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Hey @Breona ,… Thank you so much for the reply. It’s very appreciated. Hope you have a great day.

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@Breona This was resolved immediately after I posted so I just wanted to say thank you again,… very appreciated.


Hello. I have the Same Problem . Where can I find my transaction history from apple?

On Apple devices you just go to the App Store tap your profile upper right had corner, then you’ll see your name and email address at the top (tap it) scroll down to purchase History,… then screenshot.

Same here going on 8 days for 2 $99.00 They i sent them the recites no contact
this is the 4th time missing what I paid for.

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Hey @Joe1407a, Unfortunately there is quite a long queue time at this moment. We will definitely assist you as soon as possible!

Make sure you are not updating your ticket while you wait, as it will reset your place in queue. :t_rex: