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Purchase Question

Is there anyone in the U.S. on an Android operating system who is seeing the Tryko purchase for $109.99?

yep. i see it. not gonna buy it.

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I see it to

I’m not going to buy it either, I was just curious because I know some on iOS have the same but it’s priced at $99.99 for them

was it 100 or 250 dna. the one above is 250. and i’ve seen the 100 dna ones be $99.99

250 Dna


250 DNA, it’s been a running joke in my alliance since I’m one of the few who use Android active in the discord that I screenshot everything that’s 109.99

well that’s dumb.

The explanation that was given to me is that Google taxes differently so they control how much it costs

wonder if any other incubators are different in price between andriod and iphone.

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I don’t believe so, I think it’s just the ones that we see priced at $109 is $99 for them

it now changed to $99

Interesting, I wonder if someone was reading this thread and put in a fix :joy:

Of all the bugs in the game putting in the wrong over-price is the worst bug for Ludia to make.

the rinex one the other day was also $109 didn’t see that one change. wonder how many people bought over priced incs and weren’t refunded. :laughing:

I see it (it’s $100) and I would suggest against it. Unless your bill gates. Don’t do it.

I’ve been keeping screenshots of all the ones that were $109 and I emailed support and they insisted they had nothing to do with the price lol

Why is the same exact offer cost more on my android than it does on my iphone?

I don’t know how much of it is accurate though seeing how the price is now fixed

it may hold some weight. doing a bit of research into what the profit split is between apple/android and ludia has both platforms doing a different splits. with apple taking less than android for in app purchases.