Purchased Joffa Bundle Twice (didnt get anything from 1st purchase)

Weeks ago when Joffa Early Access Bundle was available I purchased it on the very hour it was available (via Paypal) but I didn’t get it because the game froze:

I had to close the application and saw that the Joffa Bundle is available again:

I had to buy the item again to get it (the bundle is only offered once): Then I checked my Paypal just to check if I was double-charged and I did get charged twice:

Is there anyway to get a refund on the first purchase? I didn’t get anything from the first time I have bought the bundle (and you can only buy it once).

Thanks in advance.

Hello Ehcastro3,
I would suggest contacting support+dnd@ludia.com and they can look into it for you.
Happy adventuring