Purchases and Claims

I strongly feel that JWA needs to work on customer service because it’s drawing a line toward legitimate lawsuits. I made a purchase for “Sanctuary Goods” but could not receive them after payment. I tried to cancel, told them I didn’t need it, and went through apple to cancel after 9 days had passed. Before apple could cancel ludia sent it to me on the 10th day when all my level 20 sanctuaries expired and had to quickly use them in low level sanctuaries because I’d be losing about 6 free food, interacts, play a day that is given free. Needless to say it was 70% less effective. I needed items the day I purchase them. Any business would have refunded and given me a few care items for free. No, not ludia. Don’t care if it’s your birthday or anniversary present, don’t care about Valentine’s Day gift or anything. Currently, it’s been 14 days since I purchased a $120 Valentine’s Day bundle and All I have received is: we will get back to you and to not make any more purchases. I don’t want to go through apple to refund because they said they are working on it. I actually want to purchase more but they specifically told me “TO NOT make purchases until things are fixed.” Purchasing problems started 30 days ago and yet they are updating new “watch for cash” videos etc, while SOME people can’t make purchases and their giving out deals? They should be stopping purchases for Everyone … and my biggest rant is that sanctuary care items should be fully refunded due to the fact it’s like saying “beat this boss within 10 days, buy energy packets to help beat it,” and then giving the energy packets 10 days after when the event is over…I know JWA doesn’t have energy packets but it’s an example. Is this not illegal?

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