Purchasing issue


So, this is a weird bug, that I’ve submitted a ticket for but they don’t seem to understand.

I’m on Android, if it helps too…

On my phone, my Google Play account is my personal. All my games and purchases are tied through that account.

Now, I keep my son’s gmail on my phone too, because I like to monitor his activity… as such I can access his Google Play account. But, I don’t use it for anything at all.

On any other game, when I go to make an in app purchase it comes up with the account that I’m using for that google play games link (my personal).

In JWA, when I was offered to purchase the one time deal on level up, it defaulted to make the payment through my son’s Play account… which has no funds … so I couldn’t buy.

I’ve never seen that before. I’ve uninstalled the game, re-installed to double check that I’m singed in and linked with my personal play account… i am …
I’ve checked and re-checked… there’s no reason that my son’s account should come up for purchase.

When I go to the play store, it’s my account (I could swap to his, but mine’s the default).

Any suggestions? I’ve lost that deal now and was really wanting to buy it…

Support has suggested the standard of uninstall/reinstall, wipe cache, reboot your phone, restart your fphone from scratch / do a naked rain dance under a full moon, which are all pointless and moot to the situation as I think there’s a real issue here.

I think it’s going to his account, because, alphabetically, his comes up first.

I have several G Suite/Google accounts on my device (1 work, one personal g suite project), personal, community org g suite, a generic family one and then my son’s.

never have i had this issue before on other apps


Hey ryanmmoore, I’m not really sure what the issue could be but try going into the Google Play store and making sure that it is connected to your email address and not your son’s address. You might have to go into your account setting and adjust your payment method on your Google accounts as well. Also, make sure that your game is linked to your Google account and not your son’s. If you’re still having issues, reach out to Google customer support, and they might be able to assist you better with this.


yup mine’s there, i make purchases for games/books etc… with my account… i ‘could’ switch to his if i want.

any other game if i go and do an in-app purchase it pulls up my account there, not even the option to switch to my son’s

just this game is the only one where it pulls up only his (which is odd as when i link the play account it gives me the account selector)


Hey ryanmmoore, since your game is backed up to your Google account, try clearing the cache on your device, then reinstalling the game again. Once you have reinstalled, make sure that you connect it back to your Google account again when logging in and see if that makes the payment method default back to your account. However, make sure to write down your support key just in case anything were to go wrong, this would allow our team to find you if you lose your data. This seems like it could be an issue on Google’s end.


my support key is [support key removed]… just in case…

I’ll try it again, but … this is the 'nth time already


Hey ryanmmoore, I hope it works! However, do not post your support key on the forums, that should only be shared with our team through email. You’ll have to edit your previous post and remove it.


and a bit of a note, with the Pixel, there is no ‘cache’ portion to wipe


so, reinstalled and rebooted, and interesting that when starting the game it didn’t ask me which account to use to play, it just started playing with my personal account … good, but what if i wanted another account?

anyways, it’s now using my play account for purchasing too


Hey ryanmmoore, I’m happy to hear that everything is working now! If you would like to link your game to another Google account, you’ll need to contact our support team, and they’ll be able to assist you further. Sadly, as the game can only be linked to one account at a time, you will only be able to make purchases with the linked account. However, you’re able to adjust the payment methods through the Google Play store.