Pure Fierce Theme Team for Fun

I tried a fierce theme team several months ago but it didn’t do well but with some of these new power crept fierce creature, I actually have a viable fierce team. None of these are boosted.

I expected to instantly drop from losses but managed to win the first two battles and sitting at 4902 trophy’s. Based on my win 3-4/lose 3-4 battles in a row streaks, I’m in to lose the next 3 or 4 battles now.

This is my fierce team which I could incorporate my latest Apex, Imperatosuchus.


Interesting to see how far pure fierce have come. They went from shattering move users to dinos with stun, distract, precision, cleanse, speedup, and decel lol


Yeah, I wouldn’t consider any of those creatures “pure” fierce.

These are kind of enhanced fierce creatures, I suppose.

Funny that all of these moves besides distract and precision are on imperato alone :joy:

Even though Imperat has all those moves, playing it several times, I consider it just a little below par. Maybe if it is boosted pretty well, it may seem OP but out of the box its in the balanced zone.

Another reason why ludia need to test their creatures in more ways than just at level 26

I don’t consider Imperatosuchus, Albertocevia and Rexy as pure fierce since one of them can distract and other two can decelerate… Rest other are pure fierce.