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Pure fierce unique ideas

I feel like this game needs more pure fierce dinos in the game, so feel free to share your own ideas but only 3 rules

  1. Must use creatures in game
  2. Not broken dont want to see creatures with maxed out immunities :joy:
  3. Must be pure fierce like thor for example because he is the only one.

Oh also if would like to add, if you make a legendary dino that fuses into your unqiue im fine with that being posted alongside your unqiue.

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Morty exists:)

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I said unqiues not apexs :rofl: also mortem is honestly not all that great got nerfed for some reason.

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Yep but thor already trash:)

Your not getting the point of the post im asking for people to put ideas down for their pure fierce uniques to share.

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I know just saying that Morty exists didn’t see the unique aspect though.:slight_smile:

Says unique in the title :rofl:

I read the title and forgot that it said unique.:joy::joy::joy:

Well if you have one to share you can happily put it here :+1:

Here is my first idea, im open to suggestions made a legendary for this one but its made from the creatures that are in the game.

The design would be a pteranodon with a sail and crocodile features.


Here is another unqiue, trying to come up with concepts that haven’t been done before.

The design would be the main Alberto model, but with the keras horn.
Would have the keras teeth aswell.
Also tried to bring some raid attributes into it.

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I like this one. Don’t know how good it would do or if it’s OP since I am bad at that stuff but it looks nice!

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Thanks man, I appreciate it :pray:
I don’t think it would be too op, since it can’t go through dodge.
Also can be distracted.
I think spyk ,erlidom and poukan beat it, not sure if I can test it on the toolbox.
I could lower the dmg to 1500 since it cam boost its attack.
If you have any suggestions I can try and make them.

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I made some that would be both unique and (hopefully) viable in the current arena


I’d really like to see a Spino unique with some stronger bleeding moves to counter all of the high HP resilients so this is my suggestion:


I’d like some sort of shielded counter-attacker similar to Grypo but with a bit more firepower: