Pure Speculation

or just wishful thinking?

Notes on Friday, update Monday?


“If not, we will write on our own.”


Patch Note nr.1 - “no more connecting issues”



i would love to have the patch notes on friday so i can decide whether to dart anky or sino on the weekend

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I think it will be Saturday or Sunday. They’ll let us hunt the Epic dinosaurs we want for the weekend and leave us guessing as to which will be needed to create the new hybrids.

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Well technically connection issues can be server-side or client-side, so even if they somehow 100% fix it on their end, if your connection is horrible it won’t make much of a difference. :joy:


Yeah, I’m also very interested in patch notes just to know which dino to hunt this weekend.

At least let us know creature part: nerfes and buffes.

Far as I know, they’ve had a solid history of not telling people what’s nerfed until we all factcheck what’s actually nerfed. The patch note may just for reference only.

(To the tune of "World of Pure Imagination)

:notes:Come with me, and you’ll be/in a world of Ludia frustration/just play on, it’s not free/it’s coz we’re really very greedy…:notes:

:notes:If you want to dart dinosaurs/simply go ahead and do it/evolving them gets tough, we know it/if you want to get ahead, then you’ll pay for it…":notes:

:notes:VIP is a fee/to see all the dinos on your radar/that seem far off, but really aren’t there/It’s just in your imagination…:notes:

:notes:Tournaments, and PvP/seem neat-o, but they are too buggy here to mention/spoofs and hacks run amok/sorry, but it’s just a case of tough luck…:notes:

:notes:If you hybridize more and more/you might stand a better chance at winning/with the “curse of 10s”, you’ll be whinging/you want to get the prize? just keep on grinding…:notes:

:notes:Come with me, and you’ll see a whole world of Ludia frustration/living there, you’re not free/It’s mindless futility.:notes:

Willy Wonka, eat yer heart out! LOL


I imagine Chris Pratt singing that as he leads a tour group of unsuspecting gamers through the horrors inside Ludia HQ. LOL

Lol I’m loving this ryhming thing! :smile: if there isn’t a Jurassic world alive rapper/singer by the end of the year on MTV I will be surprised