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Purify should stop bleed effect again


At some point, there was an update that made purify useless against bleed. This made suchotator a really cheasy and unbalanced dino, as he can just proc that sweet bleed and pretty much kill any dino unless they are immune. In my opinion, either suchotator should have his abilities tweaker, as he is too OP for a uncommon dino, or the bleed should be stopped by cleansing moves like it was early updates. Any thoughts about this issue ?

Great game BTW ^^


You mean superiority strike? Because cleansing moves still get rid of bleed.

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Yes thats it ! Sorry my game is not in english, i didn’t know the correct name ahah


There’s a thread currently running which people are all saying how much they love their suchotator , including some in the top 500 . I have to say I love her too , and despite the fact that she is not a legendary I’m happy to have her in my team , and certainly wouldn’t like to see it lose anything . I’ve lost count of how many strike towers have been beaten due to suchotator , so I say leave it alone .


It doens’t need to be nerfed, but they should at least make it harder to obtain, maybe up the rarity or the level req for the fusion


And the main problem i have is with the bleed not being cured in any way, makes it that much harder to do anything against somenone with this dino, even if you’re an experienced player


i think just they should make suchotators ingredients harder to obtain, rn they are way too common, literally littered everywhere, spawning in my scents when I just want a velociraptor, its kinda annoying even. I dont think they should make superiority cleanse bleed tho becuz then higher tier bleeders like spinotasuchus would be useless…


Cleansing Impact still stops bleed damage, though! Just not Superiority Strike anymore.


Suchotator is easy to predict and kill. Don’t have any problems with them. Just tanks aren’t good counter anymore.

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I just miss the day superiority strike did more than fix distraction, like it got rid of slow moves. I wish it still did that, at least. Seems only good for 1 thing now.


They definitely need to rework bleed it’s the cheesiest play in the game at the moment, worse than drac2 you can have any lethal wounder at lvl 1 do lethal wound to any non immune lvl 30. And it will die in 3 turns, that is just sooo over the top broken it’s not even funny! At least drac needs to be lvled quite a bit before it can wipe things out!!! Love how peeps saying it doesn’t need a Nerf but plenty of people at same time tell how they chose it over uniques and legendaries for a strike tower. That’s the definition of oop nerf when? There are so many chompers now that tanks wouldnt regain their high perch in meta even if the bleed worked based of the attackers actually level!

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SS was first intended to Counter the upcoming raptor meta in 1.2.but,at the time it cleanse every debuff so it’s considered,they nerf it in 1.3/1.4 so SS only cleanse distraction

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