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Purple Smoke During Battle

Bug Description: Purple smoke appeared twice around my dino in the middle of a move.

Area is was found in: Battle arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Multiple click on attack desired
Step 2 - Wait and see

How often does it happen: Two separate battle occasions.

What type of device are you using: Samsung Galaxy S9

At first the attack type button wouldn’t respond to my touch so I pressed it multiple times to get it to respond.

Purple smoke during battles

Word. This method definitely improves gameplay.

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I have the very same problem when i go to dart a dino as well
they are surrounded by a ghastly pink haze which is very hard
to see the dino in so that it can be darted properly see below.
as you can see its looks horrid but it gets even worse during game
play the pink haze grows until it almost completely covers the dino
your after and it pulsates back and forth between the pink color and
an even ghastlier purple color which is just as bad!

Same here, my own creature but also the opponents sometimes shows this. Seems to happen after a short hickup in connection.

Had the same thing after an apparent time out. Restarted the app then to be 2-0 with a purple Megalosuchus

Ah! I have a mythical miragaia :rofl:!

Apparently my miragaia likes to play without me as I was kicked out of the ring due to the buggy “time out” issue. When I was able to reconnect, my opponent had lost a Dino and found my miragaia like this :open_mouth:. Apparently she kicked butt for a while on her own :rofl:

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Hey guys! could you include what type of phone you’re running the game on?
Would help the Dev’s.

My purple cloud miragaia - iPhone 7

Those are just unicorn farts. That’s how these dinos are powered, you didn’t know this?


I’m on a Motorola G3, and I’m having this issue. I mainly see it with Purutaurus.

I also had this happened. I am using Sony Xperia XZ Premium. It happened usually with Dioraja.

I got the same issue…got a Galaxy note 7

Hey guys, we can now officially thank you for all your reports and writing in to our support! Our dev team are aware of the issue and working on fixing it!


iPhone 7

Also that was during the new tournament and it should be fairgrounds in the background but it was ruins.

I have this. The problem is that it freezes my game. Huawei Y2II (Android 6.0) here

Had the same issue on Pixel 3XL.

Mine on iPad 6 gen

Samsung Galaxy J3 (Android)

Same here. It was a Tournament battle, wrong background (because I had to restart the app again after time-out and then I enter battle in the wrong arena background - it happens often)