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Purple venerability

So I did the rare strike tower and this is what I saw. Anyone else see this?

I have more images of this one is unclear.

I’ve always been confused by why the eagle has purple instead of the regular vulnerability colors, but I don’t really mind to much since I don’t think its too much of a problem at the moment

I’m pretty sure it works this way with all Cenozoics. It’s the same with the Mammoth, or at least it was when it first came out.

Ok so this happens with the eagles? I haven’t ever seen it, that’s why I am asking. Lol

I kinda completely forgot about it lol
but I am think there are others with the purple effect, which I think is all the eagles as u said

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I actually kinda like the purple since it separates it from the other negative effects that are red

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It looks better. Distraction and slow are red but if vulnerability if purple it stands out


I have this too. Might be an update to vulnerability or a glitch.

I got my money on glitch

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