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Purposely Loosing to Win

Trophy wise, I had been riding up to the top of where I can get with level 15-16 none boosted teams. I was in the player level 12 and 13 range where you get some who are dumping a majority of boosts into their one best & highest dino.

So it was time to drop a bit, fast and fun so I put this team together knowing these are rather week.
To start, the first 3 or 4 battles, I was getting one take down in a match and then started getting 2 takedowns to the point I got really close to winning but my opponent got the last word. I grew tired of the raptors and changed my team from super fast to super slow. Battles go a bit longer with these guys.
I won and lost one with these but I had gone from 23xx down as far as 1953 trophys. I need some incubators so I put this nasty looking team together.
The two birds are the two last legendary’s I had gotten and needed to try them out in battle. They’re not the best but helped get me some wins to end up back up to 2003.

So I enjoy just messing around not caring about loosing so that later I can win… just a little easier. All in all, I played 24 of the 100 level 15 & 16 creatures I have in one night. Progression in this game is not necessarily working your way up the trophy ladder. It’s getting as many creatures as you can to a level where you can play them all, mixing and matching and just having fun with them.


I got a high score I was happy with for the anky season and promptly dropped 1500 trophies to play a mish-mash team of misfits. It’s fun!

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i reported in a topic, 2 weeks ago, i dropped to arena 1 (60 trophs) and climbed back to aviary in a full week.

it was a relief to this matchmaker and i had much diversity while playing and trying different dinos.