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Purrataurus Spawn

I swear I’ve only seen ONE Purrataurus in the wild and that was last week, but its supposed to be the local epic spawn of every Thursday. And it seems like every other daily epic is very common, like this Wednesday and last Wednesday I ran into like 28 Maiasaura’s combined. So why am I having such trouble finding the Purrataurus in the wild. Its the hybrid I wanna create the most and I can’t even find it. Any tips I can use for next week?

Remember that hybrids have less % to spawn

Rare hybrid has close to equal or equal spawn percentage than non hybrid epic dino

You could just… fuse it yourself?

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The easiest way is clearly to fuse it yourself. Hybrids are extremely rare compared to non hybrids ones. I only managed to find one purrataurus and one edmontoguana while finding tens of others non hybrids epics.
It’s like purrolyth on Saturday, they are way rarer than darwinopterus despite being rares.

Good luck!

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When I read that someone got 28 epics in a day, I can hardly believe it and less the same epic. I play at least 4 hours a day and only on 6 occasions (it is written down) I have obtained more than 8 epics on the same day, being the maximum 11. On the day of Maiasaura I found three and I was the member of my alliance (Top15 alliance) that I found the most , many members did not find any. Some of the members of the alliance will play at a disadvantage this tournament because on Monday they were not able to get the Smilodon after several hours playing.

Is it really possible to find 28 Maiasaura on the same day? 24 hours of companion in a car?

As they tell you, hybrids are harder to come by.

If I add the procerathomimus of Tuesday, the purrutaurus of yesterday and the edmointoiguana of last Friday and today, I have not found NONE. Not one in more than 20 hours of hunting, although I guess it’s normal.

Do you really think he actually saw 28 maia? I doubt it’s more than 6 :slight_smile:

I’m sorry , i read that “I ran into like 28 Maiasaura’s combined”…but my english is poor :slight_smile:

he’s just exaggerating


OK LOL :slight_smile:
Is that sometimes I read about people who find 20 and up to 30 epics in a day when most people in my alliance usually see one or two with luck and I do not understand what is the cause.

I cycle around for nearly 2 hours a day. Some days I see maybe 1 or 2 and other days I encounter about 10 epics. More than 15 I don’t think I’ve ever seen in an entire day, especially not of the same type! But maybe if you are searching an entire day you could get over 20, even 30. I do have other things to do :slight_smile:

I haven’t even found one, so lucky you

I found 1 yesterday, but according to Metahubs datamining a hybrid should spawn about 10 times less often than a non hybrid, as mentioned above. I guess that still applies.

Yes, that is the average. In this way, if I add the Saturday darwin, the Sunday anky, the Monday smilodon and the Wednesday maiasaura I think I found 10 and I think I saw a distant procerathomimus (by the size) from the train

Your experience is similar to mine, the average is an epic every two hours walking and an epic every hour at more speed (bicycle, car, …), that’s why I found it strange when, for example the other day, Someone said that every day in the two hours of going to and from work he found at least 8 epics.

It’s possible, I had that once or twice, but those days are rare.

The strange thing is that he says “on a regular basis every day”. I also remember extraordinary days, always on Monday. I call them “epic Monday” and since I’m the one who gets up early in the alliance, when that happens I’ll mention it there … “It’s an epic Monday” !!! :slight_smile:

As far as I understood the metahub article and @Pocemon 's video it goes like that:

dailys have a 50% chance to spawn (the other 50% are all local/global/nest/hybrid pursuit spawns all from one pool)

Within these 50% of the daily migration spawn pool the rates are as followed:

common: 88% (=44% overall chance for a spawning dino to be that one, specific daily common)

rare: 10,5%
rare hybrid: 0,4%

epic: 1%
epic hybrid: 0,1% (= 0,05% overall chance for a spawning dino to be a Purutaurus on thursday)

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It is like this, but since the epics disappear quickly and the commons and rares more slowly, in reality the possibility of seeing an epic is much lower than 1%

0.1% of spawning. I’ve never seen one.

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