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Anyone else completely in love with this creature. Boosted all stats twice and it is an absolute beast in Lockwood Estate


I am in love with it too :heart_eyes: finnaly counter atack viable

Looks pretty cool, I admit it. Still would‘ve loved a legendary hybrid.

Probably my new favourite! Got it just short of level 20, need purra dna now, still going on the team though even though its underlevelled

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It seems better than spinonyx. Spinonyx attack is too low.

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Really? Never tried it yet…looks pretty nice

Do. I’ve used it in 8 battles and it has not died once

Thing is incredible, 3 friendlies and it carried the show each time.

I use it on Lockwood estate level 18 and it kills soo much
Me and opponent were 2 2. His Erlidom had 1000 and my Purrataurus was max health. It cloaked and I used Precise rampage

That rending counterattack is murder. Has taken down several creatures 5 levels above it when properly deployed. Will definitely be boosting it once I get more DNA. Even at 4 levels below my team average it’s pulling its weight much more than others I have.

Carlos :sunglasses:


I have prowler already

It is so good

Where do you find the Purussaurus DNA?

It’s arena exclusive, so only in incubators.

I see it now, Nublar Jungle Thx

I used it in a friendly battle against Indo.

I died first, but only because I expected my opponent to use Evasive instead of Cleansing Impact. Otherwise, Indo would’ve been scrapped.

My Yoshi cleaned up afterwards, and the battle was amazing x3333

I boosted its health a little, and I’m defos gonna boost more stats once I get enough tokens. Already at level 13, but I already know this thing is gonna shine in that Rare Strike Tower x33333

Got mine to level 18. Definitely going on to my team soon.

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Need 10 more, then can level to 19