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It’s a very strong and versatile dino, the only counter attacker that has a rampage move, and the cleanse strike helps it with bleed and other debuffs, long protection helps it to survive against high damage units, plus the greater rendering counter attack to deal with tanks.

She’s awesome! I have her on my team, and she works great in the upper Arena where all the high HP dinos hang out :grin: Also, I love the looks, almost like an Indoraptor with horns.


She is my new favourite dinosaurs. Boosted her attack, health and speed to tier 2

The BEST counter attacker, love her

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Mine is only level 16 on a team with a 26 Indoraptor, boosted its health a little to not get one shotted, it is AWESOME!

I have always had just one epic hybrid on my team, and that place was taken by Stegocera since its creation, never let team until now!

I cant wait till this thing is leveled up like the rest of the team, its really going to shine!

Also loving Marsupial Lion, have it on my team and its only level 12 haha, boosted health and speed so its viable even at super low level.
In its first battle it took out a 22 Indoraptor, and in another it went prowl against an Erlidom, Erli rampage is dodged by Lion, lion smashes it for 75% of its health, i go prowl again, dodges Erlidoms hit and run attack, Indom comes in and takes a MASSIVE 75% hp hit lol.

All this at level 12! Imagine when its in its 20s with higher health! Damage stat doesnt matter since its attacks (save counter attack) is all based on enemy dino max hp, its a real tank…err…or rather, an ANYTHING buster haha!

Its got 129 speed now so I only have to dodge once before getting off big hit!

Working on mine only 16. The move set really is amazing.

Mine is at 18 I’m out of purussaurus DNA he is great it’s really cool see a counter atack finally do some work

Yeah I’m out of Purrasaurus DNA to. Luckily I managed to get a small bit from an incubator and then I got it to level 19

I need more Purrasaurus too. Counting on my alliance.

Just noticed this thread I’ve got mine to level 24 probley 25 tomorrow she’s pretty awesome only issue she has came across is over boosted Thors tbh.

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Ludia plz make a unique hybry from this componnent, and of course too for ardontosaurus

Woa am gonna have to try it out …mine is at 17 I think

Loving mine - probably my favourite after Suchotator. Firmly on my B Team and hoping it will make the A Team if I ever bother playing it again …

Screenshot_20190515-151919_JW_Alive%5B1%5D Screenshot_20190515-152028_JW_Alive%5B1%5D

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She’s on my team!

Nice job, level up Prowler as soon as possible so it can wreck others in the arena

Mines pretty awesome at the mo :blush:

Man, I wish mine was higher level, my Carnotaurus DNA is fine but I’m tapped out on Purussaurus.

Me too! There should be some spawning in the wild soon so hopefully will get a decent amount of Purussaurus then!

I hope they’re pretty common, I need all I can get