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Purrolyth/Grypolyth was obviously not creation tested


Getting Purr to level 20 has been beyond frustrating.

Started from 0 and after ten straight minutes of clicking the create button, I realized that it was going to take another hour or more of clicking just to get to 20.

I ended up going home and sitting on the couch watching Netflix while I mindlessly clicked that same button for an hour. (On a side note, that show Lucifer is pretty cool, lol)

Do you know how long it takes to get 2k - 3k DNA when you mostly get 10s on fusions? I wont bother listing the staggering amount of Lythro and Puri G2 DNA I had to burn through to reach level 20, it was straight up insane.

As a bonus, Purrolyth seems to have been giving its own, extra annoying fusing “sound effects” that none of the other dinos have. I was forced to turn the volume off.

Anyway, Im out of Purrolyth DNA now, and it doesn’t look like I will have enough Gryposuchus either, so back to farming yet another 10k each of Lythro and Puri G2 in hopes of completing Grypolyth.

PS - This damn thing better slay 7 nation armies when it’s unlocked… Tryko was easier to make.


seriously. This Dino is annoying to create.


I honestly think they made it just to kill 3 birds with one stone and give a hybrid to the 3 creatures everyone had too much DNA of


I’m playing from day one. saw only enough Gryposuchus to unlock it. and never again.

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Many players who have unlocked it say it’s not worth it…


Considering just how hard it was for me to get Gryptosuchus in the first place I don’t expect to get Grypolyth anytime soon.


You must be one of the lucky people who don’t get it from incubators


Yeah, the bad news is it’s a pretty useless unique… I have one and while it’s fun to use when I drop arenas, it’s not good at anything above, say, Lockdown.

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I expect everything in the Grypo line to receive a mahoosive buff to rebalanced them in an upcoming patch, so hopefully it will actually be worth the grind at some point, else what’s the point.

What would you say is grypolyths biggest weakness? I’d love to see it made immune with swap-in nullify.


Immune alone would make it worthwhile I think. Swap in nullify would be a bit too excessive.