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Purrolyth is ferocious in JWA Battles! (JWA Battles Previews)

Ever had nightmares of crocodiles standing on two legs? That’s basically what you get from this thing. Definitely having a bite force of well over 3.5 tons, having a bipedal and quadrupedal stance, and being really agile, it’s no wonder why this thing would be the nightmare of your dreams. Lynthronax being a tyrannosaur could add to the already agressive crocodilian DNA, as well as that… sickle claw. Ok, where the heck did that come from?

Whatever. Come back Saturday for the full episode of Purrutaurus VS Purrolyth.

Who will win?

  • Purrutaurus
  • Purrolyth

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I agree. Where did it come from? I get the silhouette is from Indoraptor, but did you need to rip it off so much?