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Purrolyth need some love


That dino have all to be great but is hp and speed are just horrible he needs a litlle buff next update
Something like +300hp and a speed boost to at least 107 he looks so cool i really love him and i want use him…right now he cant survive 2 hits no matter the enemy dino he is facing


Naw, if the description says that Purrolyth is fast, then I need that thing to have at least 117 speed. It just needs that speed :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah, I have to agree here. Just give him a modest spd bump, its a rare so it doesnt need to be great to be balanced

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I’ve been curious if that speed is a bug, cause she is slower than any of the crocodiles (when labeled as faster in the description as faster). Her speed is slower than the anklyosaurs, which just feels wrong for her build/creature design/description/etc. Maybe a typo in the code and should be 115?

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I loved purrolyth when it first came out, I just thought it was beautiful and had a great move set. But it simply wasn’t usable at my current level, and not worth investing the coin. I hope they give her a boost, she deserves it.

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It’s not just purrolyth, counter attackers as a whole in the current meta are outclassed. They are usually slow, have low health, low damage, and when you get stunned, bled, or chomped, you are basically done. Apart from making sneaky kills, I don’t see too much other use of counter attackers.


Totally agree they are outclassed by pretty much everything
Purro was a good start with shield braking, armor and great atack stats but is speed and defense is soooooo low he becomes useless wich is a shame on suck great looking dino

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i agree, made some change on it, purrolyth need a better move set and stats, even a legendary hibrid, not the shame croco one

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Purro moves are great is main problem is the very low defense and low speed


I’ve got a L20 Purrolyth :slight_smile: Useless in battle, just waiting to be ingredients

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I have mine at 19 with only 300dna needed to 20 i love him and i use him for fun sometimes
The only way he can do some work is after a tank dies and the Enemy is slowed he can use the shield and next turn can at least survive 1 maybe 2 hits with some luck and make some damage

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Sadly it’s very situational at best. It’s stats are clearly wrong and I for one welcome some drastically needed reballancing in an upcoming patch.

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Yes!!! Thank you for bringing this up! I was just thinking about posting something about how imbalanced purrolyth is. I love his entrance into the battlefield and the creepy sounds he makes, but he is way too slow for what he is and dies so fast!!! >.<


Counter attackers not named tryko need some love… they need to make some changes like they did with bleeders.

Alot of them are designed to be swapped into but lack speed and hps so cant survive two attacks before they can even get a shield up.

The only one id use other then tryko is megla… but my kapro has been going elsewhere and it has fallen behind in levels so its been benched but i still stock pile its dna for future use.