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Purrolyth needs a buff


Please. Purrolyth needs to be buffed. At least make it faster. 120-ish would be ok. Just please, Ludia.


It’s a rare hybrid.
What do you expect?
It could use a buff, but ludia chooses not to.


Well she‘s weaker than Diplotator or Einiasuchus and not as useful as Suchotator. Being a rare hybrid doesn‘t have to mean that the hybrid has to be weak or useless if you got other rares beeing stronger.
They could balance them out more cuz the gap between these rares is relatively big but I can live with it since I only use Suchotator sometimes.

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I mean taking the 2 dinosaurs, they are both trash.
Enia and Nunda are pretty good themselves.
Suchomimus, not so much.
Irritator gen 2, decent.
Diplo, o.k.
Purrolyth, taking the stats, is as good as he is.
Just because he has the indoraptor animation pack doesnt make him fast.