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Purrutaurus distracts JWA Battles! (JWA Battles Previews)

Purrutaurus, a hybrid of the Purrusaurus and Carnotaurus… that stands like an indoraptor. Ok… that’s odd. Anyway, this theropod, I mean crocodile, I mean whatever it is, has an extremely powerful bite. Because Purrusaurus’ bite force is stated to be at an incredible 7 metric tons, Purrutaurus’ bite force is well over half of that. Its thick skin, horns, and intelligence also helps it in a fight. Whether or not it can cloak like a Jurassic World carnotaurus is unknown, but we’ll, like always, assume it can’t.

Ok, enough Purrutaurus talk. Come back tomorrow when we go over Purrutaurus’ twin opponent, Purrolyth.


I remember when that used to be my favorite hybrid. It’s still one of them.