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Purrutaurus passive counter attack DOUBT

Simple question

The description of the attack States it deals 33% of max hp of the enemy.

so why Is it affected by distraction?

Because all rending is affected by distraction.


I think they made it that way because they needed some counter for it. If they had a dino with that counter attack and you couldn’t kill it with one turn, you’re gonna take damage, so distraction helps with that.


Its not just that counter that gets distracted. All rending attacks in the game are affected by distracting


Yeah, they needed some way of getting around it as a counter to it.

So What Was the point of making a passive attack depending of Max health When in the end has no benefit from a normal counter distracted

Just like the same 33% counter hit has the ability to crit and 49.5% total hp damage. Its all relative

A normal distracted dino gets its atttack stat cut in half. In this particular instance it cuts the percentage in half.

You’re just using percentages for this attack instead of actual stat numbers

That’s why it has cleansing strike

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distracting strike: Deal 1x damage. Target’s damage is reduced 50% for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 2 turn(s)

It reduces the damage from the target.

As purrutaurus counter attack does not depend on its base attack it should not be affected by distraction in my opinion

Did u not read what I just said?

Here it is again for you

Long story short. All rending attacks are affected by distraction. Get over it and move on.

Also next time, have a read of the release notes and u wouldn’t have had to make this useless and pointless topic.

the point Is that Way Was not suppposed to work. In that case a bleeder already distracted should also have its bleeding effects distracted.

Ok. So you know how it says 33% of the target’s health is dealt as damage, specifically as armor piercing damage? Well, that’s actually the *base damage. Just as an example, it would deal 1337 damage to a level 26 Kentro. (I am basing this off of 1.6 Kentro because Lethal Wound deals 33% damage over time, which resulted in literal leet speak damage to Kentro in 1.6, but I don’t remember if it got a change to it’s health in 1.7) Anyways, Lethal Wound would always deal that amount of damage. No matter what. But Rending attacks specifically use that as base damage, which is why those attacks are effected by buffs/debuffs. I imagine they were made to work this way specifically to differentiate the two types of attacks.

Read the release notes dude. That’s exactly how it’s intended to work

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The OP is talking about the counter-attack. Cleansing strike would have no affect on cleansing the distraction for the counter-attack unless the distraction was for 2 turns, which then it would only cleanse the second counter-attack.

Here you go. Exactly as intended. Move on. Read up on your topic in question next time…

Are you always so"nice" Or is it just a role?

thanks anyway.

I tried to answer your question and u just wanted to argue. So now I’m proving that you’re wrong.

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