Purrutaurus VS Purrolyth (JWA Battles #19)

The next battle is here after nearly a month! Didn’t even get another one out during 2.1 but at this rate it’s likely I would’ve just released 4. Anyway, last time we had the latest JWTG superhybrid, Dimetrocarnus, Battle JWA’s one and only Magnapyritor and it won. But it was pretty much Carnotaurus VS Irritator, what did we expect?

This time, Carnotaurus returns in the form of Purrutaurus, with Lynthornax being its opponent in the form of Purrolyth! Who will win? Who will oof? Find out now!

Height:5 Ft
Length:11 Ft
Weight: 1.75 Tons
Bite Force: 4 Tons
Speed: 20 MPH
Weapons: Horns, teeth, claws
Advantages: None but horns
Disadvantages: Horns can be a hinderance
Purrutaurus is a fan-favorite hybrid loved by many, a hybrid of Purrusaurus and Carnotaurus. Some call it Indo-taurus, or Indo-Toast of they’re a GamingBeaver fan. Anyway, it’s described as an intelligent theropod, so it’s likely it uses both its stances “quadrupedal and bipedal” for different situations. It also clearly has at least half of the 7 ton bite force possessed by Purrusaurus, making it really powerful for being slightly smaller than an allosaurus. It could have the ability to cloak but like what I did with Dimetrocarnus I won’t allow it. It also has a problem with size, which is going to make it weaker against stronger predators. Overall, a true wild card that’s only weakness is its size.


Height: 6 Feet
Length: 12 Feeth
Weight: 1.5 Tons
Bite Force: 4 Tons
Speed: 19 MPH
Weapons: Teeth, normal claws, and for some reason a sickle claw
Advantages: None except sickle claws
Disadvantages: Sickle claws can be a hinderance
Purrolyth, a hybrid of Purrusaurus and the all powerful Lynthronax. Ok that’s a Lord Lynthronax reference. Anyway, like anything with Purrusaurus DNA that bite force is at least halved, and it also has claws and a sickle claw. Wherever that came from, who’s designing these hybrids anyway? But I’ll allow it. Anyway, it is also slightly armored and is also intelligent enough to take both its stances in battle. It does have weaknesses like its size, but that barely matters on such a powerful creature. Overall, a fine fighter with only having a size disadvantage.

Purrolyth can be seen resting nearby a lake. Purrutaurus emerges from the lake and scans the land for prey. Catching Lyth in its sight, Taurus attempts to pounce him, but Lyth wakes up and grabs him by the neck, and throws him down. He stands up and roars at his challenger, who does the same. The two rush at each other, and begin clashing their claws, with Taurus gaining the advantage and pushing Lyth over, and attempts to pounce Lyth but gets stabbed by the sickle claw. Lyth then swipes Taurus’ face, and pushes him off. Lyth picks up a rock to throw at Taurus, who busts the rock open with his horns. The two indo-crocs begin clashing again, clashing with each others’ claws and horns, respectively, Lyth gains the upper hand and swipes Taurus over a cliff, who hangs on. Lyth approaches Taurus, who grabs Lyth’s hands to stop him from pulling a “Long Live The King.” Both tumble over and fall into the lake, with Taurus attempting to grab Lyth’s neck, only for Lyth to dodge. Both clash underwater, before both realize they have to get back to land. But before Taurus can finish swimming upwards, Lyth grabs his leg and slashes him further down. Lyth finally lands back on land, hoping he won. Taurus suddenly splashes back onto land, attempting to drag Lyth down with him Lyth then decides to take matters in his own hands and stabs Taurus’s arms with his sickle claws, tearing holes in both. He then finishes the deed by biting off both his arms, causing Taurus to fall into the lake and drown there. Lyth finishes panting before going back to sleep.

Yes. I had to give a longer, more interesting read since it’s been a while. But let’s go over why Lyth wins. While both were equal in more aspects than one, their weapons were the deciding factor of the fight. You see, both had their own respective unique weapon to throw at the other, a sickle claw and horns respectively. However, the differences between the usefulness of these two weapons vary between creatures, and on indo-crocs, a sickle claw happens to help so much better in a fight. There are cases where Taurus’ horns can allow him to get the upper hand, but usually, the sickle claw allows for a very well earned victory, making the winner of this fight Purrolyth!


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I have an idea. Skoolasaurus vs diplotator vs diplovenator vs scaphotator? Battle of the amphibians!

Found a little error.

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lol good find. I kept getting the names mixed up writing this

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If I don’t make a mistake in these, I didn’t write it lol.

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Alright, looks like we’re doing terror bird hybrid battle royale

I wanna know who is better in game

It’s hard to say these days. They’re rather equal. Purrutaur being versatile but Purro being able to output a good amount of damage