Pursuit gyprolyth again really?

I got this in news…


I don’t mind actually, I’m trying to unlock this


Why can’t they do something else, like Monostegotops, Erlidominus? Or maybe… Tuoramoloch?


I hope they make Gryposuchus easier to find this time. :crossed_fingers::grimacing:


I’m happy. I need them ingredients!!
The “empty” spot on my team is reserved for Gustave, my Grypolyth. He’s only L23 right now, so this pursuit will help a lot.

My guess would be this is a mistake as there’s a ton that haven’t been cycled through yet.


I was actually glad to see this. Last time I didn’t see one gryposuchus so I hope to get a few this time around.

Sanctuaries have helped me get a lot of he dna ive needed though. I’m like 30 unique dna off from unlocking grypolyth. It’s 1 of 4 creatures I’m missing.

I haven’t seen Monolophosaurus in weeks

I saw her last week… Granted it was through an epic scent, but still. It could’ve been someone else.

Monolophosaurus is really hard to find. I’ve been holding onto my dna for the day I finally get Darwin to 20.

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Im actually happy Grypolyth is returning to hybrid pursuit. Im currently using it on my team and it isnt horrible at all. Its served me well. Plus…

  1. I visit my local park regularly, so i get plenty of puru gen 2 dna to begin with

  2. Plenty of lythronax dna due to april fools and still holding two lord lythronax scents in case i run low

  3. I live in L4, so i can easily get grypolyth in epic scents on my morning walks in the neighborhood

…i think i like this pursuit

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There was once a hybrid pursuit for the unique of Monomimus and Mono epic was involved.
Even then, I couldn’t find any Mono spawning. My poor Monostego is still stuck at L24.