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Puruasaurus instant distraction doesn't work

Any one else having this issue?

I have never encountered or heard of Instant Distraction not working (other than against immune creatures or creatures that use cleansing moves on the same turn). I have seen many people complain even though it worked correctly. This has happened in two different cases:

  1. When the opponent’s next move is non-damaging. Instant Distraction is applied to the opponent’s next move, not their next damaging move. If the opponent’s next move is non-damaging (e.g. also Instant Distraction), the Instant Distraction is wasted.
  2. When the opponent has used a ferocious move. The 90% is calculated from the original damage, so in this case the damage would only decrease from 150% to 60%, i.e. not 15%.

It is very common for people to fail to realize that if a slower foe uses Instant Distraction on the same turn that their Instant Distraction is thrown in the trash.