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Purussaurus (File 24 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur teasers that I wish they would make it to JWTG!

Finally an Amphibian!
This is a dinosaur that has a high chance of coming out!
And it’s really gorgeous!
Also I’m going to give them a hybrid and a super hybrid!
So, welcome the Purussaurus!


DNA cost: 3470
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 450
Damage: 155
Ferocity: 946

Level 20

Health: 770
Damage: 266
Ferocity: 1621

Level 30

Health: 1174
Damage: 405
Ferocity: 2470

Level 40

Health: 1661
Damage: 574
Ferocity: 3498


The strongest legendary amphibian ever!
It is no stronger than the T-Rex or the Schapognathus, but it is certainly stronger than the Dimorphodon or the Therizinosaurus!
His stats are very good!
In addition, a hybrid and a super hybrid will accompany the path of this creature!
Write, would you use it?

Do you want this creature added?
  • Yes
  • No

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There will be no poll because two hybrids will come out tomorrow!


Can you give a sneak peek at one of the 2 hybrids?


Some creature facts

  1. Purrusaurus is a giant extinct relative of the mordern caiman
  2. Purrusaurus coexisted with the gryposuchus. But they didn’t compete sinc they were eating different prey.
  3. Purrusaurus is the largest crocodile ever discovered. With an length of 13 meters it bypass the cretaceous crocodiles sarcosuchus and deinosuchus
  4. Purrusaurus ate everything it could get. It’s tooth marks have been found on the shells of the giant turtle stupendemys and on the bones of mylodontid ground sloths

That’s impressive, is there a possibility you can make DEINOSUCHUS too?

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I will, only there are currently a lot of dinosaurs that I have to get out. Just have a little patience and you will see it in a File! :+1:

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Teaser in here!



Im guessing top one is andrewtherium and bottom is compsocaulus, correct?

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Oh yes :+1:

Surprised I got them correct.

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The statistics, the cards and the thread are ready!
I will post it tomorrow!

Awesome. Sweet.

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You forgot to show me the purussaurus teaser.

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This should have been on ideas of the next dinosaurs but you forgot my favorite asian predator.

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Tell me, who is it? :thinking:

My favorite predator from Asia is no other than the Chinese thief himself, sinraptor. And can you please do it’s teaser, card and evolutions, please?

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Aaahhh, so I looked and I think I can do it!
However, there are many requests and creatures that have yet to come out for months!
So you have to have a little patience, but I promise you it will appear in a File!

Please, I want it now!

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