Purussaurus underrated

Okay, I’ve never really looked closely at the thing, since I’m always fusing it for Purutaurus. But Purussaurus is actually pretty strong. Here are it’s stats
Vulnerability strike
Lockdown impact
Ferocious Impact
Passive:No escape

With this moveset, Puru is extremely strong in lower arenas( sometimes in upper ones, if levelled and boosted). Ferocious Impact is an absolute destructive move, if you have faced Sarcorixis, you would know. But, it doesn’t stop there; Lockdown impact also does the same amount of damage. Then there is the vulnerability. And now since it’s gain of No escape it has become stronger. What do you guys think? Do you think it’s worthy enough to be put in the tournament?


I have actually thought about Purussaurus recently, that combo of moves done right would hurt pretty badly.


Ha ha yes. Unfortunately, I had that combo used on me once, which made me think this😅. Ferocious Impact- Lockdown pretty much actually does the job. Because FI is so powerful. Or FI- Vulnerability and then lockdown. Either way, it’s pretty destructive.

I think, for the most part, why it isn’t used as much in the lower arenas and shown how strong it can be is because most people unlock it later on, and don’t level past 10 since Purutaurus needs it.

I thought i was only one who was thinking about this. I started leveling up mine some time ago since i think it is strong creature and i like it very much.

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Honestly if Purutaurus gets a ferocious move that would make that thing broken :joy:

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I was actually gonna comment, like, ‘I wonder why Purutaurus didn’t get a ferocious move’. And you said this and now I am like, 'Huh, makes sense since we don’t want another IndoG2. ’ :joy:

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If I didn’t need it for Carnotarkus in large amounts, I’d fill it with speed boosts and attack boosts, then unleash it in the arena like “Go, my funky alligator thing!”


I always use him in rare skill tourney

I would say it’s pretty good, especially with the edition of no escape. I prefer postosuchus for the turn 1 damage as well as the speed, which is definitely the biggest problem with purra. But with for a regular rare and a rare/common tournament, it’s great. When epics come into the mix, then it falls off. I wouldn’t reccomend purra or many rares for the upcoming skill tournament. Only a few are viable


Rare hybrid? not that great. Rare regular? ah we are here. We have arrived. Hope you enjoy your stay. :joy:
We haven’t had a rare skill tourney (just rare) in a long time, and since Puru got no escape, it is way better, I kinda want to test it now :slight_smile:

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It is a very underrated. If it wasn’t exclusive dna from incubators I’d definitely have a monster one leveled up

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It’s pretty strong for sure for a rare and overlooked most of the time, but I think its speed makes it a lot more manageable than say sarcorixis. At 112, basically anything but a chomper or a tank will get a first hit in which means it rarely lives after the first 2 impacts. It’s kind of a very specialized chomper/tank revenge killer.

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It’s a monster in the rare tournaments, it was even super strong before no escape was ever added, but the combo of vulnerability strike into ferocious impact and then lockdown impact is one crazy combo

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As I said, I faced up against an extremely levelled and boosted Puru in Lockwood Est. I was winning the match and then that thing came in. I didn’t really bother about it until it KOSed the rest of my team😂. I was really surprised and shocked.

Ah yes, unfortunately near Postosuchus, it doesn’t seem very good, since that thing in itself was a bit of a shock when I saw it in a rare tourney for the first time.
Though, I wouldn’t mind testing out Puru in the upcoming tourney.

I use a lvl 24 of this also use a lvl 24 sarcosuchas. It doesn’t let me down often. I’m lacking on rixis because I leveled sarco. And I wish to level Gryposuchas. But I need like 1,400 more grypo to max grypolyth to 30… I use just because I like gators though.

A level 24 Purussaurus or Purutaurus?

Purrossaurus the pure rare gator heh.

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The thing looks a bit evil :smiling_imp:

I always found the size of these crocs kinda intimidating. They were the size of a flippin bus I believe.