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Purutaulyth : Mega Hybrid

I like the predator frame of Purolyth and Purutaurus!
But it will be more awesome if you make a super hybrid of these two hybrids! It will be a legend and ferocious with few resistance!

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Hybrids made of 2 hybrids? Yeah, that’s the last thing I want to happen in this already unbalanced game…


What do you mean by that “in this unbalanced game”?!
Isn’t it a good suggestion?

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Oh you know, just the typical creatures with absurd stats and abilities that don’t match their purpose, resilient and swap-in meta, apexes taking over basically everything.
Anyways, Purutaulyth sounds like a good concept but having to grind from 2 different hybrids would be pretty tedious, and more since it’s a legendary. The game should stay like it is; normal creature, hybrid, super hybrid and apex.

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So just titled mega hybrid, but in suggestion I have used term super hybrid!

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As if we need more uses of carnotaurus

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You mean that Purolyth and Purutaurus have Purusaurus gen 2 and Purusaurus genes respectively so we just need to make hybrid from those 3 creatures!

Well, Carnotaurus already has 6 uses which are Purrutaurus, Carnotarkus, All 3 Scorpius Rexes, and in the future, Indotaurus.

Having Purutaulyth would make Carnotaurus DNA more valueable than gold.


I think it’s coming from the poll, But not in 2.9 because we are only getting Small Flyers