Purutaurus Beast

Let’s see your boosted Purutaurus. Mine is just getting started.

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I did :sob: a little when they added in Carnotarkus but it runs with my B Team and puts in an occasional tournament appearance.

Matched against someone in the arena twice today with a boosted L28 :scream:

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Man, its hard enough getting dna…I doubt I will worry about the Carno for now. Will take forever to get it leveled/boosted enough to be competitive for me right now.

Mine’s all going to Carnotarkus now! Loving that spiky cow…

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Still useful at 5700+ trophys :slight_smile:

Yup mines all going to Carnot now too. Got it to lvl 20 nicely boosted.

My Puru is still on my team for now. It’s lvl 21 and stats same as the OP except for speed is 1 tier lower (my Carnot has 136 speed tho), and health is one tier lower.

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I have Carno up to L20 with nearly enough DNA for another level (although I won’t take it there); not fusing Puru any more.

Woah! Holy cow Batman :eyes:

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Why you not fusing Puru anymore?

Sorry, meant to say not levelling - I am fusing but then its all going into Carno

Ah yeah it confused me as you said you got Carno upto lvl 20 but not taking it to another level.

Not sure whether to take Carno higher - I get easily confused about what may or may not get a hybrid down the line :slight_smile:

Ah so you are talking about the actual Carno. I assumed the other guy was talking about the Carnot. That’s where I got confused.

LOL, I’ll stop abbreviating - I have Carnotarkus at L20 (as well as Diplovenator and Smilocephalosaurus); limiting factor is Purataurus thanks to taking it to 24 - ran out of rare croc. Not sure whether I should take any of the new Legendaries higher in case they get hybrids.

I see!

Well the confusion of whether something can get a hybrid or not is easily cleared up.

Two non-hybrids make a hybrid. A non-hybrid and a hybrid make a super hybrid. A super hybrid cannot make another hybrid as it is already made from a hybrid.

So anything that is created by a hybrid is a super hybrid that cannot get any new hybrid.

So Carnot cannot get a hybrid.

Thank you for spelling it out - I thought that was it but wasn’t 100% sure - of course that is all based on current experience and Ludia are good at picking up the goalposts and running with them …

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