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Purutaurus Needs A Buff

Reason I Think Purutaurus Needs A Buff Is Because When You Get It At Least Level 14 It’s Health And Damage Is A Bit Weak But Even Stat Boosting It’s Still Considerably Weak.

But It’s Still Really Good Overall Just Needs A Bit Of A Buff. Hoping You Understand What I’m Saying Just Needs A Bit Of A Buff


Nope. It’s really good already. I got to literally Gyroshpere depot with it. its good already.


I am a fan of Purutaurus. But there are way too many things that ruin it. It could probably stand a little sprinkle of love.

What level was yours but also did yours have stat boosts? Just asking

Yes. indo-guy I had it max-boosted

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Lv. 30 It wasn’t easy to get to it though!

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Thanks I Just Wanted To Know Because Mine Is Level 14 About To Be 15 And Only Has 1 Boost For Health,Damage,Etc. It’s A Bit Hard To Use In Battles Because It Is Always. Getting Wiped With Just With One Rampage.

Plus Not At Multi-Fusion Yet So A Bit Hard To Level It Up

Im a fan. It’s in my arena team. Can be good or can be bad. It’s situational. At the same time it’s an epic vs unique and apex so it’s does well for what it is.


Oh nice PT! I think we should attack buff it to 1300

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Yes, because puru doesnt have any Rampage so the damage buff would be nice

PLs dont it got me to gyro depot pls dont buff

Its fine where it is, don’t think it will need a buff.

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thats true!

but why @Canada808 if it gets buffed it will be stronger.

it does have a hybrid

Slight Damage Buff But Mostly I’m Talking About Health Buff.

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Stop crying.

‘Buff’ means better. ‘Nerf’ means worse.

I think its solid for its rarity, it aint that good but it isn’t bad either