Push notification when your dino falls out of the sanctuary - does not seem to notify

We already get a handful of notifications pushed, would be nice if we also got one when one of our Dino’s get returned from a Sanctuary (or maybe a little before it falls out as a reminder).

Feel that’s just as important as some of the ones I’ve received the last couple days

If your goal is putting it back ASAP to start the cool down for the 5 DNA return, I guess that’d work.
If your goal is keeping your spot at a high level sanctuary, you’d get the notification too late and would have been snipped minutes ago.

If they ever add something like this, please let it have an “opt-out toggle” in settings :slight_smile:

yes, was thinking more about the level 20’s we have going with our wonderful co-op.
your group sounds rough though, our open spots are usually safe. lol

There’s already an option for this in the notifications section of the settings menu.

Notifications haven’t been reliable for me for quite some time.

oh wow.

wait… mine has been set to on – but have not seen a notification for this actually popup for me

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Exactly, unreliable. Maybe see if your phone’s blocking JWA notifications somehow and file a bug report if you don’t find anything.

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Updated the post to a bug report.

Bug: when notification setting is set to ‘On’ we do not seem to get notified about our dinos leaving sanctuaries.

Thanks for reminding me that there is already an option that should do exactly what i originally posted as a suggestion @jbthepaysonite :raised_hands:

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