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Push notifications - Most wanted dyno appearance


Hi, not sure if the system’s architecture allow it or not: but if dynos spawn on map doesn’t requires client side running (user doesn’t run the app, but dynos on map have been updated/changed) it would be great to have special push notification about appearance a most wanted dyno near the user’s location.

To avoid the system overload this feature could be restricted to 1 most wanted dyno for standard accounts and 2 or 3 for VIP accounts.

So an user could mark some dyno (once per day or even week) as WANTED and get the system notice via pushes.


Metahub mentioned that they found something like this in a datamine. Something with VIP accounts and epic alerts. Not exactly sure though.


Read this too. might have to sign back up if this is implemented.


Hi @MagicFingers, yes, I’m also have seen such pushes few times thus I thought it’s technically possible.

The main idea is to allow user to decide which one he wants to be alerted of.

And personally I’m really tired of getting Stygimoloch DNA as epic in almost every 8h incubator - his agent is pretty good as lobbyist :joy:


I would love notification.

Especially if the range was big enough for zone’s 1 to 4. So I could get with effort any Dino.


up this topic.

i was about to post suggestion like this. i disabled game notification months ago. yesterday i was taking a look at the options and activated it again.

same poor system. notifications of dinos i don’t want or its not in map anymore. useless.

i would love a velociraptor or tyrano2 alert these days, but not ofiacodons i was notified today. :confused:

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Hi @AndreMR, since I’ve learned what the game is granting battle’s reward/incubators according to a pre-defined table (no matter how you fight at the arena) it’s hard to believe what the team is able to add such “smart” feature. I mean they doesn’t develop some complex but interesting product, the simplest solution seems to be more preferable.

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