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Pusheen Is Fighting 8-9* Alphas! Come and Join Us! 😼

We’re looking for one more member for our clan since we lost an inactive player!

We’re not a strict clan, we don’t record your damage or kick you out because of low damage etc.!
You’ll only get removed if you are inactive many days in a row and DON’T let us know… we’ll just assume you stopped playing the game!

Give me a message or reply if you’re interested! :heart_eyes_cat:


My id is goben#9592 my power is 5500 please sent invite

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I want to join in clan my id is goben#9592 my power is 5500 please sent invite

We literally saw your power which you clearly lied about. If you had said you were lower but are extremely active we could have made an exception. Instead you chose to lie to us about your power and in chat just say we can take down the alpha without doing anything about it.


If you guys are still looking, I could probably join. My power level is only 4,600 at the moment, but I’m working hard on upsizing it. I play everyday and try my best to defeat the Alphas. Let me know if you’re interested, as I am currently in another clan that is average at best ^^. I’ll get back to you when I leave said clan, if you’d like to let me join. My ID is DjNinja180#0193

If you still need a new member I’d like to join. My level is currently at 5,101 and I’m working on leveling up some new 5-star dragons.

Thanks for your interest guys, but we are full now! :smile_cat: