Put a chat box in the boss raid

There should be a chat box with boss raids to be able to communicate.


Raids would be easier to do with the chat box

Totally agree! Sometimes I wish I could mention to players to choose another Dino but no way to communicate during raids. I vote yes to raid chat section :white_check_mark:

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If there’s anything that would make communication in raid lobbies much easier, it would be this. Too many times I’ve wanted my teammate to choose a different creature but unless we share a telepathic mind connection, there’s no way to do that.


I totally agree with this. Not everyone has access to discord or social media so having some form of in game raid chat you be awesome.

I’m not on any social media due to my disability. While I managed to find an alliance that have accepted this and proven myself a useful addition, I do tend to avoid the higher level raids as I’m unsure what to select or if I have anything strong enough.

Yessssssss I need this

Swapping between JWA and what ever social media app on a single device usually causes the game to freeze or crash. The best solution Is as the initially subjects is for Ludia to add chat to raids.

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In game chat would make communication easier, or a pre lobby lobby, where we can all walk around as our fav raid Dino and find others ready to raid too!!!

Is there a reason you like to force people to use discord by not having a chat in raids to help discuss strategies?

How is this not included already with the game having been out this long? Shouldn’t this have been a priority? Text messages even have a chance of crashing this game.

Per the datamine, they’re already working on revamping the chat system in Raids for better.
We’ve to wait for a bit, and hope it becomes true.