Put a creature on lock

A real life scenario from the game as it is today:
I sit inside and see a this week only Allosaurus Gen 2 in the wild. Of course I bounce up, walk out in the blizzard and go to get myself some DNA.:cold_face::hugs: I’m about to approach it. I’m just getting inside the approachable area, but I want to get maximum time, so I keep walking towards it…

My suggestion is that there is some way to put a creature on lock, so you don’t waste precious time just to be deeply disappointed, on top of your everyday depression.:woozy_face:


Hey Arvid, I’m sorry to hear that happened. :sweat:

I’ll be happy to pass your suggestion back to our team.


Or at least some kind of indicator as to how close it is to despawning.

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Thanks! Not the only time similar situations has happened unfortunately :sweat_smile:

Like the 15 minutes timer on the supply drops you’ve been spinning?

Yeah people have been asking for despawn timers for forever, when will be actually get those?

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What about a timer? To show how long until the creature disappears, this way you can know when you should go get it or not.

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Yes, yes, please put this feature, I have started darting epics as soon as they enter the radius and not from close up because they always vanish. Aaaand it’s gone!

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