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Put in your Ideas(I’m new)

This is just for new Ideas you want to add here are some I’ve got.
Blindness:A status effect that makes the opponent have a 10-50% chance to do only 75% of the max damage.Dilophosaurus gets access to blinding Strike and Blinding Impact.Others that have blinding moves include Pyroraptor and Diloran.
Skin Changes:Like how you can give Pokémon clothes in Pokémon Go.I would love if you could give rex 2001 skin or 1997 skin.
Leave your Ideas down below

you can put a little hat on your T-rex

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Add usernames to our dinos

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What does anyone think about blindness

It’s really based on luck and not as strong tbh, the opponents still does 75% of Max dmg

At this point even dodge could be better

I’d say increase the chances it works to 75%, also add a new effect like distracting so it reduces twice the dmg of the opponent

Also about the blindness negative effect, is it possible to cleanse this effect ?

With cleansing and new moves clearing Strike,Rampage and Impact