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Put it back!

What the heck were you thinking rolling out this half baked update?
I just played 4 battles after 4 timed out.
I won 1 and got 1 trophy
I lost 3 and lost 135 trophies!

I’m done with battles until you fix this garbage!


So im not the only one who saw that/experienced that? Winning and only getting 5 trophies after losing 120?

At this rate, throw in some commons and just drop arenas

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I’m sorry about the issues with the Arena at the moment, @David_R. Our team is actively looking into them to try and find a fix. In the meantime, could you contact our support team here at with your support key so our team could try and make this right for you? Thanks!

the big question is what happens if we get a battle xy daily missions quest? :smiley:
Do you risk losing like 300 trophies because of this new and improved trophy system or …?

I had the same problem. Lost two battles and the usual amount of trophies. Won the third one and only got 1 trophy.

When daily missions say 12 battles, I take them exclusively from strike events and friendly battles wherever possible. I hated the arena before (I don’t dare go into it now with all the boots and timeouts) so this has always been my solution.


Umm… I on the other had, LOVE IT! I got 51 trophies, and then 52! 52!! Ludia I love you!! Haha! Lockdown’s pretty close! Although 5/7 battles I tried to do did time out… and every time I try to dart the game goes mad before crashing…
but give me those beautiful trophies!!

V1. 7 ist :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


I for one would be happy rolling back to 1.6. At least it ran.

Some people are lucky I guess. See you in Lockdown.

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I can’t wait! Thanks!

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I’ve lost 700+ trophy straight