Put Sonorasaurus on the map

Since it’s an ingredient for the one reliable counter to one of the easiest to make OP monsters - put it on the map… If Thor can be that powerful without any exclusive ingredients I don’t see why skoona can’t be it’s easy to make counter.


All unique sauropods are made from exclusive epic sauropod.
We all made and fused it that way.
Why so many newer players want everything for free, or easiest possible way? Make some effort, reward is better when you earn it.


Who said I’m new?

I remember when Brachi was on the map… and they were NO unique sauropods.

To me effort come from getting out and hunting - not spinning drops or buying sanctuary supplies so you can sit on the toilet and push buttons…

and explain to me how being out and hunting something that’s on the map is “getting it for free” as opposed to using sanctuaries that don’t require you to get out and do much of anything.


So you could max Skoona long time ago.
Sonora is in the game for nearly 2 years now and was featured in plenty of events. No need to FIP it at all.
And, since Giga Scent is a thing, you don’t need to go out to hunt. But green drops won’t go to you by themselves, you have to go and seek the right dino of three or four featured.

Which one? The closest thing to a meta dino its a viable counter to is thor, and even that leaves it virtually dead.