Put Tenonto back on the map (for meta balance)

Resilient have been very dominant in the meta lately. Tenontorex is one of the few creatures that can take on the tyrant resilients but its component Tenontosaurus has been largely unavailable for a long time (you can get a small amount from sanctuaries).


Tenoto being exclusive is precisely the reason why Tenrex is good.

It was cited by Ludia that hybrids with exclusive components are generally better than hybrids with stuff that spawns.


Very much agree with your points.

It was initially a global spawn. Then was limited to Park spawns only. Which definitely makes it very hard to obtain her DNAs (for me and many others who lives far from a Park).

If that’s not enough, Lydia decides to make her an Event exclusive creature now.

I am close to getting her to L30. Have been FIPing Tenonto in the Sancs. Understandably, it requires serious effort to level TenRex up.

Meh. I’d honestly just settle for it showing up more often in the weekly darting events tbh.

There’s a few Rares that show up way too often in them anyway, so why not swap one of them out with Tenontosaurus every now and again at least?


I agree with you if ludia nerf tenontorex damage, but im sure the majority of Players don’t want that happen so … No

You sir desirve a trophy.

Just like what happened some days ago with Procerathomimus spawn rate.

Now it’s not spawning like that anymore. Also, is a great way to get players involved and online for a long period. Because, even as a “event dino”, there’s almost no Tenon DNA being rewarded in any events lately!
The only way is farming in sanctuaries, which is a great pain in the bass. Specially for players that never really had the chance to level up their own Tenontossaurus.

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Total agree.

Everyday there’s a rare Edmontonthing in my block, and every now and then I panic hurrying to dart a Tenon, and oh, ohhh, it’s that fake Tenon.

My Tenonto is still 15… I’ve started to play in last year’s April, by that I mean, no one told meoh, you need to dart the hell out of this dino cause it’s really important for a future Unique dino you’re going to need”. No, I was worried about getting a nice T-Rex, a Sarco and some badass Titanoboa at that time.
So, I never really had the chance to get one.

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I just saw too many Tenontos to care. Man, I wish I could go back and dart them. Would be swimming in the dna.

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I still get them with Hadrosauridae scents so when available, stock up on them. :wink::+1:(but yes, it would be good if Tenonto was back on the map. :grin:)

When have they sold them recently, and why did I miss them?

I think they were available in the gift shop about 5 weeks ago. :thinking:

Darn. I missed it then. SMH


It was stated by ludia that harder to get creatures with execlusive components are gonna be stronger, considering how rarley we see tenonto in events tenrex is rightfully incredebly strong, and i want it to stay like that cause i don’t want to see the aviary floded with tenrexes

Point taken, but there are incredibly strong resilients with DNA widely available and while they are easier to power up than their counters meta imbalance will only get worse.

tenonto is decent. I mean you just have to boost it to make it good

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Imho, she wouldn’t need to be nerfed if she spawned again. Her abilities don’t make her a match winner in PVP fights, but they make her very valuable in raids, as she is versatile and can support different strategies.
By making her event-exclusive, any further development has come to an abrupt halt (the same goes for Quetzos, although I haven’t come across her in raids yet). And that really restricts the options of how you can get involved in raids.
I think that’s a great pity.