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PVE event idea - Unleash the Raptor Pack!


Premise - A group of unruly creatures have escaped the containment fence and are wreaking havok on the public.

You have been authorized to unleash the Raptor Pack to track them down and end the threat to ensure public saftey.

Breakdown- This would be a daily quest and can be done from static wifi locations such as home, office, airports, hotels etc etc.

After recieving an emergancy contact and briefing from headquarters, you can simply click on a “start tracking” button (or something similar).

This in turn would start a random countdown timer as your raptors start to track their prey. The random RNG timer could be anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, after which you would just go into standard combat like a strike tower.

Meat and Potatoes - Obviously, you wont get any contact from headquarters if you dont have all 4 of the Raptor Pack unlocked in your dinodex. There should also be a level restriction for the raptors, say maybe level 15+ on all 4 before you can participate, as this is intended to be difficult and should not be an easy event.

The devs need to take off the kid gloves for this one, the opponent bot team should always number in 6 to 8 escaped dinos and they should EACH be randomly RNG leveled from 10 to 30.

Don’t make them Raptor friendly dinos or hand pick them either. The bots tean should be pooled from all sources, - global, zoned, night or day, incubator exclusive dinos etc. Their rarity tier should be common to epic (no legends or uniques) and totaly RNG as well so it will be truely random.

Make rewards for completion just a nice amount of coins and maybe a little hard cash, but NO DNA.

This way people wont be expecting specific DNA rewards just because “that specific dino” was part of the bot team. No DNA rewards will also ensure the bot team can be pooled from all sources, letting us fight stuff we normally dont see in arena or strike events.

Sum It Up Already

Daily quest for Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo at level 15+
Static quest, no need to go outside for this one.
Minimal new animations needed, mostly just some UI.
Hit the “track” button, wait the random 10 to 30 min.
Perpare for a possibly tough battle.
Beat them down - Earn some coins or cash.
Fail - Try again tomorrow on a new random bot team.

I think it would cool, fun and challenging. :sunglasses:


Given the tournament already gives stuff to higher level players (& my guess would be a highish level player to have all the pack at 15+) it’s yet another idea to alienate lower level players who would not have them at that level


I love the idea :fu:


I understand where you are coming from, and I admit that I did not consider new players. However, this hardly ranks as “end game” content, and most any player can get the entire raptor pack to 15 fairly easily,

Save for Blue, the named raptors are a pretty common spawn despite their rarity. At night, you actually have a better chance of getting a named rare raptor then any other rare spawn in the game, so I dont see this as an issue at all.

I think all mine are sitting at level 10ish and it would be fairly easy to level to 15 had I a reason to do so. As it stands now, all they are is “collectors” items that sit in a dusty inventory.

As far as Blue, even though she is only available through incubators and the daily events, she unlocks at 11 and again, not that big of a grind to get to 15. Ludia has already made enough DNA available to get Blue much higher then 15.

Being that she is still in huge demand, we can be sure to see her as a future special event dino, and soon. I dont see this as a problem either.


I agree with you, the requirements of having to have them at lvl 15 alienates a large number of players. Good way to not keep people playing. If it was set up with say way less discriminatory requirements, then yeah it’d be a great idea.


Again…if you guys can’t get the most common rare spawns in the game to a measily level 15, then perhaps this is not the game for you in general. :sunglasses:

This wasn’t designed for level 2 players, and neither are the level 30 strike towers. You have to put your time in like the rest of us.

This was designed for the 80% to 90% of the current playerbase who have very little content available.

If it was designed for everyone, then 85% of the playerbase would be bored to tears, much like fighting level 5 dinos in strike towers…yawn.

We need more midgame/endgame content. We dont need more starter content.


@GorillaGlue I would say I was mid level (l14) - but do not have a good “raptor pack” - cannot play at night for a variety of reasons so raptor grabbing (of any sort) is a struggle - I am confined to play at certain days and times and limited areas of play (e.g. weekends almost impossble for me to play - a major problem with epics from events always at weekends - but seeing family at weekends / night comes before a game)


I don’t think any of us have a good raptor pack, mainly because they are currently just collctors items that sit in our inventory, regardless if we see them or not.

Blue is a great dino on her own and Delta is “ok” in the current swap meta, Charlie is just a slightly stronger Utah and Echo (who used to be the best rare raptor), is now useless as Tanny does its job much better.

Sorry you cant find an hour at night to play, that’s a bummer but (not trying to be rude here) the game wasn’t designed for you personally.

I just thought it would be nice to have 1 daily quest that we could do from home or wifi etc. Doesn’t have to be raptors or the pack, but it does fit damn well into the story and makes sense.


I’m not interested in wasting coins to level dinos that aren’t used for my team. I don’t even hunt the raptors anymore besides velociraptor and pyroraptor.


Exactly, I feel the same way as you, as coins are so hard to get and are a huge crutch.

Outside of a few wrong dino choices that cant be undone, I only level my team as well. Like most of us however, I do try to get everything to at least level 10 just for the XP, as it is cheap to do so and helps a lot getting more DNA per dart later on.

But, this is all pointless, as it would be a daily quest for coins anyway, no DNA rewards, so any investment would pay for itself and profit over time. So not really sure if you realized that or not.


It’s not that I can’t level them… it’s that Ludia gives out crappy rewards for its events, and I’ll probably never see a return on my coin investment for this daily challenge. Every level spent on Owens raptors is merely coins being used as toilette paper. Fun idea, honestly, but Ludia will kill any chance of it being executed effectively


Well, like I said, just looking for 1 daily PVE event or quest that I dont have to drag myself all over town for yet again. Just 1.

Doesn’t have to be raptors at all, or even an escape or anything like that. Unleash the Stegosaurus, hell I dont care :slight_smile:


Spending a few thousand (or more) coins as an investment also doesn’t interest me. I don’t level dinos to 10 just for exp. They stay where they are until needed. Even my Deinocheirus was a level 1 until the day I made Diloracheirus, even though I knew it needed to be level 20 to make it. I just did it all in one sweep, including taking Dilorano from 16 to 20. I don’t have the patience or coin flexibility to make long term investments. It’s gonna take 200k coins to level up my Stegoceratops. That’s what I’m dealing with these days. I wouldn’t cut that short to level up a team of raptors. My v-raptor is a 27. Other raptors aren’t necessary for me to level at this point. I don’t even care about the Blue DNA I have. It’s just sitting there and will never be used.