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PvE Events List

As far as I know, there isn’t a good comprehensive list of the different PvE events and what they are… something that particularly would have been helpful as a newer player, but even now I don’t always remember what some of these events are and what I can expect. There was nothing on the Fandom site either, so I’ve started putting together a page to list them, along with screenshots of the event from the Battle screen, but I definitely could use some help from you old-timers on the descriptions and typical requirements and/or length of these. Anyone can edit the Fandom page, you just have to register for an account, but feel free to post your event screenshots and/or data on this thread if you prefer and I’ll add it to the page myself.

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Great idea.
My first remark: I don’t think Stakeholders Visit is VIP only.

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Oh yeah, I think I got it mixed up with the VIP exclusive event. Is it always Jurassics? I included aquatics because that’s what the VIP exclusive always is.

See, this is why I wanted other people to take a look and review what I put down for these… I figured I’d get some of the details wrong. And perhaps help me collect the screenshots… I keep forgetting to take them before I do the events!

As I recall it was never aquatics up to now. I’m gonna try to help, but maybe I can’t contribute very much. I’m not that kind of collector type, although I love what you are doing.

I have some information on this, however since last week a majority of that data is outdated. The only reason I was collecting it before was to test the ferocity theory and how it was applied to different events. No screen shots but I have historical information on creature type used for the events.

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The Loyalty points for Stakeholders’ Visit double for VIPs, at least they always have for me

Ah okay, I thought I remembered that they didn’t but since I didn’t play this week, it wasn’t real fresh in my mind.

@Sionsith - yeah I may have to leave things like the event length blank for now, or just remove it completely now since they seem to be changing that in particular.

Drat, I forgot to grab my screenshots again for these! I just so often do these either when I wake up in the middle of the night (or at least, what passes for it on my current crazy schedule) or first thing in the morning that I keep forgetting about this page I’m working on for them. If anyone else can remember to do them, ideally before checking any off, I’d sure appreciate having some backup!

I think I’ll probably just drop the length since they all seem to now be only 1 day anyway but who knows if Ludia will change their minds in the future and have a little heart instead of trying to screw players over so much.

They are really mixing things up, changing the days they show up, the amount of battles, the duration of the event, and the structure of the battles. I like to be kept on my toes but it makes for a real challenge to track them.

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They sure are! I updated most of the descriptions on the page to reflect more what they “typically” would have to be less definitive since the way these are currently going, who knows what you will get!