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PvE makes no sense sometimes

Sometimes the PvE match ups just don’t seem to make a lot of sense or follow any kind of pattern trend.

Sometimes the match ups are stupid easy, like yesterday (I think). There was the amphibian only vs the Pterosaurs. Sure you had class disadvantage but the opponents were weak. But then there was the size doesn’t matter event the other day as well. The 1st match up you had class advantage, super easy, then the second match up for me was 3x herbs vs a Cerazinosaurus with 7k health. Took me 3 tries, i only won with my strongest herb on the 3rd try and i felt a little bit lucky that i won that time. If i hadn’t won that try i might of only had 1 or 2 more tries the next morning just before the new events tick over without spending DB’s as the cool down for my best herbs is fairly long. Then the next match up was class advantage again i believe and the 4th was class disadvantage amph vs ptero but at least the ptero had low health and it wasn’t a problem.

Now today, Canada day event for the NA pack. 1st, the pack isn’t anything to write home about. 1st match up, any 2 creatures lvl 10+. So any 2 of my best creatures vs 3 lvl 30 VIP’s??? For this crappy pack? Lvl 28 Proceratosaurus in the 1sr slot which can 2 shot any dino i have, lvl 30 Pterodaustro 2nd and lvl 29 Acrocanthosaurus 3rd. So 2 carno’s and a Ptero so i can’t even load the deck. This one battle will require 2 of my best dino’s and it is still going to be super tough, basically double handicapped, only 2 dino’s and at lower levels than opponents. Maybe get 2 cracks at it in the morning and if i’m lucky another much later tonight when they come off cool down. I won’t spend DB’s

Then what is the next match up for the event gonna be? and the 3rd?

If i did more pvp or had other use for my best dino’s i wouldn’t even try it

Agreed on the Canada pack…why even bother. I guess maybe there will be some loyalty points.


Tell me how this works.

At least you could stack amphibs… well if you had any :stuck_out_tongue:

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Postosuchus is my best…lvl 40.

Yeah, that’s rough, not really enough health to give you any leeway

And you can only use 2 creatures. I tried lvl 20 Kapro and maxed Posto but got slaughtered.

I agree. (Oh Canada! Not.)

I used my best dinos, squeezed out 3 wins (no losses) AND got a common.

If you guys have extra coins/time to burn on it, sure.

Otherwise, skip it.

Edit: I always save my best dinos for the battle stage and smash it.

But after Oh Canada, I didn’t have enough good dinos for the Dino Bucks Event.

For once, in a long time, I need to wait out some cool downs for a PvE!

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How much LP? 95? 130?

I think it was 325.

First battle was any 2 lvl 10+

Second battle was any 2 lvl 20+

Third battle was any 2 lvl 30+

It’s these kinds of events that will give you trouble depending on the makeup of your lineup in terms of variety of not only class but level as well.

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I think I used a mix of level 40 Legendary and Level 30 Tournaments dinos for all of the battles of this event.

For reference, my top dino is a Level 40 T-Rex. (I have a deep bench at the same level, but his one required a bunch from the very top tier of it.)

I’m facing level 34-40 tournament Legendaries. My strongest creature is a level 13 Mastodonsaurus, and it has a type disadvantage to one of the opponents.
What even?

This is a very difficult event the will require several of your top dinos.

If you have only a few at the top, verse a deep top, this event my be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible.

Some unlock events that restrict you to one class are also this difficult.

Since the rewards for this one is random, and weak (I got a common dino), this is a good “test” event to better balance your line up so you don’t miss a critical unlock you’ll need later.

The 1st match up on my daughters game wasn’t all that unreasonable. I won with the Megalosaurus and the Carnoraptor.

The second match up was a little tougher because of the high health of 2 of the dino’s. Picked her 2 best amph and I lost my 1st attempt on last move, should have def 3 instead of trying to pass 1 def 2 as they passed 1 and barely got me with 3

. It’s winnable for sure though.

I won an Ankylosaurus


Yeah, these are tough.

My top glass cannons for each class came out.

And a couple of meat shields of other classes I rarely use.

My strategy was making sure that the AI never had class advantage over me. That meant two amphibians for rounds 1 and 2 and two herbivores in round 3.

One thing about this game, if you have a weakness or imbalance in your lineup, the game will be happy to let you know. If you are struggling with the Oh, Canada event, based on the rewards, this is not the event to get hung up on.


I got dimetrodon so now I can level up it to level 30.


So I win the Canada event with lv.40 legendaries like shunosaurus and ichyostega so I played about 2 times(in the final round) to learned ai tactics and overcome it.