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Pve matches becoming way too hard

so i rushed a little in terms of levels bc i rlly wanted to unlock clash of titans. in doing so, i think i passed a threshold and now my battles are alot harder. i havent lost any yet but i find them alot more difficult and have, for the first time, actually needed to buy back some creatures to complete a event. below is my lineup, i am thinking maybe it is bc of my parasaura and i am considering selling it bc i feel like it is unbalancing my lineup. are there any creatures that i should focus on to rebalance my lineup? all of my battles recently have had opponents with health in the 2500+ and 900 damage plus.


I don’t think you need to sell anything. Just keep increasing the amount of dinos at the top of your list. I would definitely start working on super hybrids (especially the 3 rare ones).


the only rare super hybrid i can get rn is diplosuchus bc mono and pyro are locked for me. any thing else?

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You’ve got a pretty balanced lineup, you look like you could do with more herbivores but definitely do not sell any creatures, your parasaura is not making your battles harder but if you’ve rushed levels to get to COT then the game is telling you to get stronger creatures, no rush though just keep hatching out and fusing creatures to deepen your level 40 legendary level 30 super rare ferocity level.

If you can get ophiacomimus I would say work on that as it’s a decent attacking herbivore, unless you’ve got segnosaur or zalmoxes unlocked work on those too.

If you come across any battles where your stuck post them here and wel be more than happy to help.


for your events difficulty you have 2 choice
1dt deepen, make a lot of max legendary, indo, maybe get diplo shybrid, get indo gen2, ostopo and more hybrid
2nd choice: stockpile a lot f dna, and make a big ferocity jump to level 20 vip ferocity, so level 11 indo, tapej shybrid to level 1, level 30 tournament, level 30 or 31 super rare hybrid…

im currently planning to make another max pter and a new max trex since i fused my old one, im saving up for diplo hybrid as well, indo gen 2 not sure abt yet, ostopo i cant get, if i make a ferocity jump, wouldnt that make my battles even harder then?


some battle are level based, as for the one that are ferocity based yes, but its why first get a lot of dna, to at least get 10 dino of the same ferocity
Also if you want option 1 since your lineup is already pretty deep the ferocity based will be a breeze but the level based harder and harder

Your top lineup looks good for your level, you haven’t reached too high a level for your lineup, for reference this is top of my lineup at level 73 and I am able to complete pves almost all the time and I never spend bucks.

Just play more and get more creatures in that ferocity range, the key is having enough creatures to do all pves and have a bunch of extras so you can account for the lost battles so you don’t need to wait for them to revive or spend bucks.