PvE stuff


Other than Strike Event. Like, same thing as battle arena but you fight against AI. But to make it so that the PvP is still encouraged, it is only done a certain amount of times for the incubators. Perhaps have it like the incubator thing in the battle arena now and it just gives coins and cash with a daily limit on the coins and cash (separate of the limit from the current limit).

Maybe have the same type of arenas for PvE that you have for PvP with the dinos they have in the PvP arenas. Maybe have 2-3 incubators total from this, whereas PvP it depends on the incubators you get from victory, plus the daily one where you kill 10 creatures.

It gives more chance of getting the dna you need from arenas and more chances at getting coins and cash. Something would have to be done about the later levels to make people want to compete in PvP though, otherwise people would just PvE all day instead.

I’m putting this here because you asked about the PvE things in a survey and I would actually enjoy that too. And at a higher level, you need more gold to level your creatures and this would help in that aspect.


I like the idea, but what if the PvE arenas were part of a bigger goal for your team to reach, with objectives and such? Make it more like an MMO-style thing. Rewards could be based on how long it took you to reach a certain goal, or how many AI dinos you KO’d on your way.


I want to tap on wild dinos and be able to battle them.


That would also be a fun thing. No idea how that would work, considering you dart to get the DNA.


PvE is nice. Same idea as strike event but with stronger boss dino. You pick only one creature instead a full blown team. Basically you pick a role in a team, be it stunner, tank, bleed, whatever


Sure. It would be a great addition. Instead of geting DNA, for example, you get coins, depending of which dino you fought and their level (randomly between 1 and 30). Something like :

Common : 10xLvl
Rare : 20xLvl
Epic : 50xLvl


They could give us a choice when selecting a dino in the wild whether we want to dart it or fight it.


I’d prefer this if they were to change how you get DNA, because if I get less than I normally would if I darted, I’d like to go back to darting.


That sounds interesting. I just don’t want to take away from the PvP stuff so it would have to be balanced to make people WANT to do the PvP arenas.


I can get a lot more dna from the dead carcass of a dino then I can by darting it…


Perhaps but this is also a game. lol To me, it is ridiculous to be getting DNA by darting it anyway. How does that make sense? Wouldn’t the darts stick to the dino? If they don’t stick, how do they get DNA from it?

I’m just sayin’ if they made it give you a fixed amount of DNA but you could get more by darting to allow you to choose which way.


I like this idea. I enjoy the strike events but honestly the player vs player thing is getting old, at least to me. I would like something different. Hopefully something else will be added down the road, like they added the strike events.