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PVE Trophy Battle Arena

How happy would you be if there were two arenas?

The tier system PVE area would allow players to go against AI which have been optimized based on where Ludia feels a player at a certain level should be. New players would be able to start at the bottom tier and work their way up by fighting through the PVE tiers. Think of it like going against dinosaurs found in nature and not super boosted or controlled by sneaky rat, err… I mean clever Dracoceratops players. Ludia would also benefit because they would have clear data how their boosts, marketing promotions, and live ops is affecting the balance of the game play.

The second PVP battle arena could then benefit from the PVE trophy to better match up players. Since these players qualification on the earning of trophies is based on what Ludia has deemed worthy of let’s say a level 4000 trophy count team should look like.

Those that want to earn trophies and incubators can play in the PVE while if you want to earn special rewards you can play PVP tournaments. Also, it would protect new players from the more seasoned players who have the advantage.

Just a thought.


Honestly didnt read what you wrote but I liked it anyway…:slight_smile:

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It sounds great, but how would Ludia make money from selling boosts?
We have been crying out for a chance to battle ai ever since the debacle of 1.8 and the boosts completely ruined matchmaking. And so far nothing has been done.

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Ludia would continue to make money as they have through VIP, incubators, and sales. However if they really wanted to make money they would put the much desired speed boost inside incubators only (in small quantities). Thus increasing battle game play, cash spend on opening incubators early, and revenue from the current incubators for sale in the store.

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I put forth this idea a while back about player made strike towers but they could also use this for player made PVE.

The picture below shows a screen we could go to and set up our own made team for other players to play. We pick our the creatures we want first putting them in the order we want. Then the next screen we choose the moves they should make in the order we want, including swapping. The delayed moves would stay grey’d out till we pick the first move.

When we are done, the data gets loaded to Ludia’s servers where our set up waits to be played by another player.

When we go into a player made PVE, we get placed up against the closest team to our team level. We get a little something for winning and the person who set up the team gets a little something for each creature their team takes out and a little extra if the team we set up wins.

Ludia can determine what the winnings would be for the team maker and the challengers and the maximums we could get each day.

Thank you for listening. Loving Campaigns.

I love this idea. It would be a nice break from the arena. In addition, it gives more incentive to play/ use compared to campaign mode.