I have lost many matches against a player who evidently bought a bunch of packs for 1 character. I killed their whole team except 1 and then that character manages to kill my whole 4 man team.

There needs to be a turn penalty when you only have 1 character left against 3 or more. Why is it fair that you play smart and manage to get your opponent down to 1 character, yet they still get to attack as many times as you?

Do you think in real life someone could attack as many times as 3 people attacking them? Unless your Bruce Lee I highly doubt it.

Please fix this asap. Should add a penalty once its 1 vs 3 then the player with only 1 left should only be able to attack every 2 turns. As it is now PvP is broken because of this issue.

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Totally agree with this post.

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Absolutely. What an insanely backward mechanic. The point of taking someone down is to get an advantage. When I saw how this worked, I knew it would be abused. It was a really eye opening moment of the shortsightedness of the development team. This is a rookie mistake.