PvP - add DNA “exchange”



PvP fights have no output in goodies, just some tactical experience with 25th level dynos.

What if you receive some % DNA of your friend-opponent dynos?

The math could be based on bites (more hurt to opponent dyno - more DNA of it you receive).

Or more simple: you won fight, you get 0,5-1% DNA from the fallen dyno HP.

What do you think?

Right now for me PvP battles not so interesting.


Friend battle were implemented because people asked for them. It gave people a way to play and have fun with their friends and claim “bragging rights.” It would be insanely abusable if you actually got rewarded for doing it too.
And actually on another note it is a great way to test out dinosaurs. Since it sets all dinosaurs to the same level you can try out dinosaurs you haven’t leveled yet.


Hi @Joshhodg, thanks I see it. As for me I have no real friends playing the JWA so I’m just not in the target group :slight_smile: